Fun, creation and science
invented anew

Kids Play is a space that defines anew relations between fun, creation and science. Kids Play means a world full of colours, attractive objects and modern solutions which instantly kindle children’s imagination. Here, children can spend time being creative, discovering new phenomena, exercising memory and reflex or even studying foreign languages.

  • Fun

    time spending

  • Creation

    Space for creativity

  • Science

    Discovering the world

Kids Play - Idea


Perfect design
prepared for the youngest

The external construction of the zone was made of wood, what creates an atmosphere of comfort and safety. Other elements, such as touch screen frames or round tables, were made from Krion. Soft carpets and colourful puffs complete the space. All materials used in Kids Play are durable, ecological and dirt-resistant.

Wood Acrylic Fabrics
  • Fabrics

    Soft and durable textiles

  • Acrylic

    Colourful Krion trim

  • Wood

    Construction made of wood


The carefully arranged world
of fun, creation and science

Kids Play means skilfully selected blocks, shapes, colours and materials, which altogether create a space matching children’s needs. Soft carpets, colourful puffs and friendly materials, such as wood or acrylic, win the kids’ love. Each and every element of the zone, like size, location and function, was designed in a way to give maximum joy to children.

Decoration 3
  • Materials

    Soft, durable
    and friendly textiles

  • Space area

    From 20 to 100 sq m.,
    individual projects

  • Colour scheme

    Colours stimulating
    children’s imagination


Combination of various interaction forms
zabaw manualnych i gier edukacyjnych

Innovation of Kids Play zone relies on combination of two attractive forms of interaction: manual games and educational applications. Elements of manual games, such as touch wall or liquid floor, appeal to senses and boost the imagination. Educational applications teach logical thinking, help to develop memory and expand knowledge about the world, or even enable to practice foreign languages.

  • Manual games

    Stimulation of senses and imagination

  • Educational apps

    30 interactive games

  • Friendly competition

    Peers competition

Manual games
Manual games
Educational apps
Friendly competition
Decoration 6


Educational applications
at their best

Kids Play is a set of over 30 educational applications. Touch screens integrated with zone construction enable children to play attractive multimedia games. Each application was designed to expand particular skill. Like this, children can exercise their memory and reflex, can learn logical thinking as well as acquire knowledge about the world and study foreign languages.

  • Memory


    Memory stimulation

  • Knowledge


    about the world

  • Reflex


    Reflex exercises

  • Foreign languages


    English language

  • Logika


    Logical thinking


Projects tailored
to individual needs

One of the advantages of Kids Play zone is the opportunity to develop individual projects tailored to both: client’s needs and the character of given space. Individual modules can be configured in many ways, adjusted to the area size and arranged on a rectangular or circular plan. Individual project allows Kids Play to perfectly match the capacity and character of the venue.

  • Stoisko 01

    Kids Play #5

    Rectangular model 40 sq m / 4 screens / 1VR

  • Stoisko 02

    Kids Play #1

    Circular model 40 sq m / 4 screens / 2VR

  • Stoisko 03

    Kids Play #3

    Semicircular model 30 sq m / 2 screens

  • Stoisko 04

    Kids Play #2

    Rectangular model 20 sq m / 2 screens / 1VR

  • Stoisko 05

    Kids Play #4

    Circular model 40 sq m / 4 screens / 1VR

Decoration 4


Kids Play brings tangible benefits
to shopping malls and other venues

Kids Play is a space dedicated to children. Also shopping malls can be the beneficiary of the product as they gain a distinctive characteristics thanks to expanding their offer to entertaining and educational function for kids. Kids Play perfectly fits in modern interiors of retail passages and due to its qualities, shapes the mall’s family atmosphere, increases footfall and the rates of tenants’ sales.

  • Image

    Attractive zone of
    development, fun and education

  • Footfall

    Increased customer foot traffic,
    including of families and children

  • Loyalty

    Children’s attachment to
    play zone and prize contests

Decoration 7
Decoration 8


See Kids Play
to have the full effect!